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    Back on the Horse… er, Gazelle

    Something like twelve years ago, I got a Gazelle Edge glider. I used it with varying frequency until a few months ago, when I got a Freestyle. There were a few reasons for this. The “fitness computer” which is a basic recorder of time, distance, estimated calorie burn, etc. had long since gone kaput on the Edge, and it was actually only rated for a maximum weight of 250 pounds, which exceeded for several years. It still worked, but it squeaked and squealed. So I got the Freestyle, which is rated for 300 pounds, has a water bottle holder and a working “fitness computer” (with a thumb pulse monitor! woo!). The water bottle holder also ends up being a convenient mounting spot for my phone.


    All this has combined to make it much easier for me to actually get a good workout in. The problem is that I’ve got to step on the damned thing for it to work. And I haven’t been for a couple weeks now. But I got back on it today. And I was on it for a bit over 20 minutes, which, combined with the few minutes I’d spent doing a couple of other things that raised my heart-rate, ended up garnering me 32 active minutes (i.e. with my heart rate above 86 bpm for 10 minutes or longer) today. I also got my butt up and got at least 250 steps per hour every hour between noon and midnight (as of 11:38, yes, I’ve already gotten my 250+ steps in for that last one). My Fitbit is happy with me. I’ve gotten in all my goals today.

    Next step, do it again tomorrow.

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