The characters I play on the Illusionary Minds Chat roleplaying chat site, organized by room.


(Of course, this is definitely under construction at the moment!)

White Pine

Picture links to galleryAmaranth Drosato

Cultist of Ecstasy
Young Adult Author (as Amy Hayes)
New to the area
Approved 12.07.2017

Picture links to galleryMargaret Mary Sinclair

Pathology Intern Cumberland County Morgue
Approved 2.16.2018

Picture links to galleryGwendolyn MacTiernan

Druid of Ordú Croí de Ndúl (Order of the Heart of the Elements)
Consor: Ashley Hale (played by James Harder)
Approved 5.03.2016

White Pine

Aidan Gormréalta

Paladin of Pelor


Brass Dragon Hatchling
Thinks she’s cuter than she actually is