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    Kindness matters

    I had to remind myself again that humans have a cellular-deep tendency to see every other human as varying levels of NPCs in their stories, and to expect them to act and react like an NPC would, i.e. predictably according to the role assigned to them.

    This is usually expressed as “everyone is the hero of their own story” or something similar.

    But I’ve come to a place in my life where the most important thing is being kind. Being kind, to me at least, means that every other person I meet really is a complete and complex person who has their own experiences and reasons for how they act and react that I will never fully understand, not having had those experiences. It also means realizing that not everyone is navel-gazing enough to know the reasons they have for themselves, so giving them the benefit of the doubt is ALWAYS the best first go-to.

    Being kind to yourself is just as important, and part of that is knowing that some people, whether deliberately or not, are toxic, and keeping yourself away from toxic people is just as important and absolutely necessary as keeping yourself away from physical toxins, because in the end, they affect you the same way.

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