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    La Vie et Belle

    I have had an amazeballs week. I’ve made almost every single goal every day this week. My step goal (upped from 7500 to 8K), my distance goal of 3.25 miles (every day but yesterday I made it over 3½ miles!), my active minutes goal of 15 minutes as well as my weekly goal of 150 minutes. I only missed 1 hour of 12 two days.

    I feel pretty wonderful. Got a new comforter and made the bed after washing and drying the sheets.

    In some ways, I worry a little that I’m in a manic phase. I also wonder if this should be normal for me, but isn’t because of my depression. I have a “morning” routine that doesn’t vary too much but does have some leeway. I feel more centered, more what I’ve wished is like myself… and maybe is.

    Some of it, I’m certain, is just a lifting of a cloud since November. My shoulders had been hurting, and despite physical therapy, which did help a bit, it didn’t ease until one, then another, then another state turned blue on the maps. There’s so many fewer roadblocks in the way of getting the things done that need to happen.

    Which isn’t to say at all that this last year hasn’t been hard. I’ve been hugely, amazingly, even shockingly lucky. But I’ve seen friends and family struggle and hurt through this year. Only a few I know personally have died, but everyone I know has struggled with finances, with loneliness, with guilt, with anger. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but it shows a long road still ahead.

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