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    Mongolian Death Plague

    Since Friday, I have been sick. And when I do sick, I don’t do half-ass. I have no control over it, my immune system goes full tilt Don Quixote at windmills at the damned rhinovirus… or whatever happens to feel like trying to make a home in my upper respiratory tract. It starts with my throat feeling like someone shoved a red-hot steel wool ball down it. One of those used ones that’s all jagged edges.

    Concurrently, my sinuses fill up with crap to the point that it feels like I have half a ton of wet, slimy cotton in my head that I can. not. get rid of, no matter how much I blow into how many tissues or sniff back. Sudafed and Benadryl, in combination, give some relief.

    But, even though I may not actually have much of anything in my bronchial tree, that whole apparatus gets into the act of trying to expel the crud from my sinuses by making with the coughing. Unproductive coughing. Which has the oh-so-not-wonderful effect of making my sinuses feel like they’re going to expel all the ick through the top of my skull, or go out trying.

    Saturday had the bonus of a fever that briefly climbed to 100.3°F until brought down by ibuprofen. It’s squeaked back up around 99 a time or two since. Yesterday, I finally felt good enough to stand long enough to take as close to a boiling hot shower as I could possibly manage.

    And yes, Mom, I’ve been pushing fluids like they’re drying off the face of the earth. Water, tea, broth, even a glass of orange juice or two. If grossness from my sinuses doesn’t bug my eyeballs out of my head, they’ll float away.

    Throughout it all, the dogs have stayed companionably close while not being quite as snuggly as they sometimes are. Good boys.

    By the way, the only time I’ve gotten 250 steps in any given hour or over 2,000 steps in a day during this is completely by accident. And somehow, early this morning, I managed to raise my heart rate for my Fitbit to register 7 active minutes. I think I might have had a seriously hellacious coughing fit… or something.

    I ran out of Benadryl last night, so I’m solely on Sudafed right now. And apparently, my body is saying “oooooh, we got sleep Monday, now we have speed, no Tuesday sleep for dj00!” Since I’ve been up for 23½ hours now and show no signs of stopping.

    I hate being sick.

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