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    My Get-Up-And-Go Got Up and Went

    When I can’t seem to find the energy to even stand from where I’m sitting, I will often say that my get-up-and-go got up and went without me. I think it was from a poster or something my mom had when I was a teen. I remember a bear laying flat like it couldn’t even summon the energy to lift its head much less any of the rest of its bulk.

    I’ve felt like that quite a bit throughout my life. I’ve never been a high energy person. I’m easily more content sitting for hours reading than even a half hour spent walking. I have to make myself exercise.

    I am now in the midst of my third week of not being able to find the gumption to make myself. I don’t know of it’s the season and increase in darkness or my body finally having adjusted to the Prozac and shrugging it off or simply my own inability to keep anything up for more than about six months. Certainly something to bring up with my therapist.


    I don’t know what the heck is up with this week, but I can’t seem to get very far into gear, much less stay. I did do my one major project with the Lions for the back half of the year yesterday. We cover the morning at a local grocery store for the big regional food drive run by the local CBS affiliate out of Waco. Even though it’s the back half of what I’ve managed to establish as my sleep schedule, I went to bed early and got up stupid ridiculous early and was there. I even managed to not zombie through it. However, today I seem to be zombie enough and then some to make up for it.

    This whole week has been kind of like that. It’s been kind of hard to even get up and get my 250 steps per hour.

    New Start

    I’ve got the front page (blog) looking pretty much the way I want it to now. I’m still a little bummed I lost all my pics and posts, but I’ll deal. Next step, fleshing out the other pages.


    So I changed hosting, and had to install WordPress anew. Lost all my posts and everything. Oh, well. Gives me a chance to start again. So here we go. Pardon the mess while things are still being set up again.