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    That Damned Wagon

    As I discussed with my therapist yesterday, getting back on the moving more wagon is harder than climbing aboard in the first place. Day two is going well so far. I actually got forty minutes in because my heart rate dropped below the zone before the thirtieth minute was done. So I went out and took a walk around the block.

    My brother and his wife have gone keto, as a lot of others I know have. I know myself well enough that I wouldn’t last five minutes, and if I did go and lost weight, the minute I backed off, I’d gain it all back and then some. So moving more is going to have to be the ticket for me. Slow and steady. I’d rather lose two or three pounds a month and keep it off than lose fifteen a month and pack it all back on.

    But that means I have to keep. my ass. moving.

    Damn it.

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