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    So the Mongolian Death Plague has departed, at least mostly. By Saturday (Daddy’s 69th birthday, oy), I was pretty much over it… well I was “soooooo over it” the minute I got a tickle in my throat, but most symptoms were gone Saturday for the most part.

    Sunday, I went back to my activity levels. Since then, I’ve hit all my goals, save distance yesterday and 1 hour each of the 250 steps on Monday through yesterday. Got a good day in today, including a couple extra floors and a good walk with a happy Ronin. He gets downright stereotypically excited about walkies. When he sees me change into workout gear and put my headphones on, he starts bouncing and whining. It’s thoroughly adorable. He seems to be slimming down a titch, too. So yay for both of us!

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