the shoes make the woman

Name Amaranth Ophelia Drosato Nature Pragmatist¹ Tradition Cultists of Ecstasy
Player Kes Demeanor Explorer Cabal Indigo Star Lotus
Chronicle WoD: White Pine Age/Birthday December 16, 1990 (27) Avatar (picture) Kat Dennings

Physical Social Mental
Strength Two Charisma Three Perception Four
Dexterity Three Manipulation Two Intelligence Four
Stamina Two Appearance Three Wits Three

Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness Two Crafts Zero Academics Two
Art Zero Drive Zero Computer Four
Athletics One Etiquette Zero Cosmology One
Awareness Two Firearms Zero Enigmas Two
Brawl Zero Martial Arts Zero Esoterica Two
Empathy Zero Meditation Three investigation Zero
Expression Zero Melee Zero Law Zero
Intimidation Zero Research Three Medicine Zero
Leadership Zero Stealth Zero Occult One
Streetwise Zero Surivival Zero Politics Zero
Subterfuge One Technology Four Science Zero

Specialties and/or Secondaries
Physical/Talents Social/Skills Mental/Knowledges

Technology Electronics Herbalism Two

Lore (Traditions) One

Perception Uncanny Instincts

Intelligence Pragmatic

Computer Internet

Correspondence Zero Life One Prime One
Entropy Zero Matter Zero Spirit Zero
Forces Zero Mind Two Time Two

Avatar Four

Dynamic (Amusing) One
Resources Three

Entropic (Excessive) One

Static (Analytical) One

Arete Willpower




Merits and Flaws
Merit Type Cost Flaw Type Bonus
Language (Greek) Mental 1 Slow-Healing Physical 3
Language (Sinhala) Mental 1 None None 0

Trait Dots Points
Dexterity 1 5
Perception 1 5
Athletics 1 2
Technology 1 2
Computer 1 2
Arete 2
Willpower 2
Language Merits 2 2
Slow-Healing n/a -3
Total 25

Applied November 29, 2017
Approved December 7, 2017
Date Earned Points Earned
4th quarter 2017 (December 10 to 31) @ 2 per week
1st quarter 2018 (January 7 to March 25) @ 2 per week
April 1, 2018
April 8, 2018
April 15, 2018
April 22, 2018
April 29, 2108


Date Bought Trait Bought Dot(s) Bought Points Spent
?/?/10 Not 0 0
38 ◄ Remaining             Totals                Spent ► 0
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¹Pragmatist Archetype:  You are sensible and practical, focused on your goals. You might have ideals, but when it comes down to it, you'll cut a few corners to get the job done if you have to.
is what reigns in your viewpoint. If it works, it works, and don't fix what ain't broken.  If it moves and isn't supposed to, duct tape it. If it doesn't move and is supposed to, apply WD40 or the equivalent until it does.
, however, is your downfall. New ways of doing things can seem like the wrong ones, especially if they take longer or more materials to get something done, even if turns out better in the end. You also tend toward a "if you want it done right, do it yourself" attitude, and to ascend, you need to learn that there's more to life than the straightest line from A to B.
Regain willpower when your no-nonsense approach gets results.

Avatar Skanda of Kataragama. Appears as an androgynous adolescent with Indian features. Basically the Sri Lankan equivalent of Dionysus.
Essence Questing
Depth Strong
Style Open (everything is one, divisions are artificial, but sometimes there for a reason)
Spheres Mind & Time
Hooks The ultimate stuff of the universe is a seething, roiling well underlying everything.  It's everywhere and nowhere, connecting all. This  is the Lakashim, and to connect to it is Ecstasy.

Stained-Glass Psyche: The Lakashim is one, and in that respect all minds, all places, and all times are one, only separated by artificial constructs. Removal of those constructs allows access to other portions of the Lakashim. However, some of those divisions are there for a reason. Violating the sanctity of another's being is against all we stand for.

Timeplains: Specifically dealing with time, this is where it all comes together. Focusing on the whole, it looks like a tapestry with various threads of different colors running through it. Tightening down, it actually becomes a plain with streams of lives running through it . Each stream has branches, eddies, and can cross or wander away from any other stream. The mage with the chutzpah to do so can see or manipulate these streams, but it's idiocy to do so without caution.
Foci General Foci: Like most Cultists, Amaranth uses various means to go into a trance state where she can manipulate the world around her. Usually using what comes to hand, it can be anything from  meditation, incense, music/dance, sex, drugs, heat/cold, or even just daydreaming.

A few methods work better for one thing than another. These tend, in general, to work for Amaranth.

•  Life: the actions and needs of the body - sex, eating/drinking, even voiding
•  Mind: writing, mantras, sometimes drawing (anything from a simple spiral to a complex mamdala)
•  Time: Concentration on entering the Timeplains, most quickly accessed by peyote and a sweatlodge

The blurb at the back of the popular "Lady Alannah" series reads:

"Amy Hayes spends the time she's not writing in keeping her yellow lab, Ripley (yes, after Ellen) entertained. 
She loves dark chocolate and pecans, and never got the pony she begged for so gave Alannah one."

The real story is that Amaranth Drosato's old neighbor is the owner of Ripley, and she never begged for a pony, because she was concerned with other things.

Amaranth was born to Nicholas and Anna Drosato, a pair of practical idealogues living on a Israeli kibbutz.  When the ideology of the kibbutz broke down into infighting and other junk, they took their three-year-old daughter back to California.  Nicholas got a degree at Berkley and ended up with a job at Apple.

Six-year-old Amaranth's first computer – and tied for first love – was an Apple PowerBook 180.  Every few years, even now, Nicholas has a new computer under the tree for her. And of course, she's gone through pretty much every iteration of iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Even though they'd left the kibbutz and moved to Silicon Valley, the Drosatos didn't give up their hippy lifestyle.  They kept a sweatlodge in the back yard, and were officially members of the Native American Church.  Anna regularly ran vision quests for her young daughter.  At one point not too long after graduation, a friend of Anna's from her world-wandering days came and helped.  Amaranth found herself in the Timeplains with her mother, a young, curiously androgynous Indian man, and her new mentor,  her mother's friend Sameera. Within a few months, she'd joined Sameera in Tibet, then Katamaraga, a shrine in southern Sri Lanka devoted to Skanda-Murukan, then back to Tibet. They spent three years studying there, pilgrimaging to Katamaranga each year, even after they'd migrated their studies to Greece for an additional year. Eventually, she returned to Berkeley and finished her degree in English literature, while turning her imagination and travel memories into a young adult series centered around a fairly typical fantasy heroine, Lady Alannah. In between soloing about fifteen characters to maximum level in World of Warcraft, of course.

Not long after graduation, an encounter in the park  brought  Amaranth's childhood sweetheart and best friend back into her life. Brodie, it turned out, had had his own Awakening while pursuing Parkour in Paris.  After reconnecting, their love story was cut short by Brodie's death from a stray shot fired during a drive-by while he was running. When every little thing reminded her too much of Brodie, Amaranth stuck a pin in a map of New England—about as far away as she could get and not worry about emigration procedures—and landed in Portland, Maine.