Name None Breed Homid Personality Explorer/Decoder
Player You Rank Oviculum Concept/Job: Pathology Intern
Chronicle WoD: White Pine Age/Birthday July 10, 1990 (27) Avatar (picture) Laura Breckenridge

Physical Social Mental
Strength Zero Charisma Three Perception Four
Dexterity Three Manipulation Two Intelligence Four
Stamina Three Appearance Three Wits Three

Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness Three Animal-Ken Zero Academics Zero
Athletics Zero Crafts Zero Computer Zero
Brawl Zero Drive Zero Enigmas Two
Empathy Two Etiquette Two Investigation Three
Expression Zero Firearms Zero Law Zero
Intimidation Zero Larceny Zero Medicine Four
Leadership Zero Melee Zero Occult Zero
Primal-Urge Three Performance Zero Rituals Zero
Streetwise Zero Stealth Zero Science Three
Subterfuge Zero Survival Zero Technology Zero

Extended Abilities and Specialties
Hobby Talents and Physical or Talent Specialties Professional Skills and Social or Skill Specialties Expert Knowdleges and Mental or Knowledge Specialties
Flight Two

Perception Detail-Oriented

Medicine Forensic Pathology
Backgrounds Other Traits Gifts
Fetish Three None Zero Morse Voice of the Mimic
Resources Three None Zero Persuasion Spirit Speech (Free)

Rage Gnosis Willpower







Merits and Flaws
Merit Type Cost Flaw Type Bonus
Double Draught Pure Corax 2 None None 0
Eidetic Memory Mental 2 None None 0
Lightning Calculator Mental 1 None None 0
Language² Mental 1 None None 0
ıSpanish (Cuban)
Trait Dots Points
Stamina 1 5
Intelligence 1 5
Flight 2 4
Medicine 1 2
Resources 1 1
Willpower 2 2
Merits n/a 6
Total      25

Applied February 14, 2018
Approved February 16, 2018
Date Earned Points Earned
1st quarter 2018 (February 18 to March 25) @ 2 per week
April 1, 2018
April 8, 2018
April 15, 2018
April 22, 2018
April 29, 2018


Date Bought Trait Bought Dot(s) Bought Points Spent
?/?/1? Not 0 0
22 ◄ Remaining                Totals               Spent ► 0
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For one born of two rather fiery peoples, Maggie's pretty calm.  Natalia Torres had, like so many others, fled Cuba's Castro regime. Rather than stay in Miami, however, she ended up in Boston. Wanting to branch out a little, rather than work one of the Cuban bars, she headed for the Haven. There she met a cousin of the owner, nearly as newly over from Scotland as she was up from Cuba. Predictable things happened, and eventually wee Maggie appeared.

Lachlan Sinclair found Boston less to his liking than he had hoped, and eventually moved his little family to Bar Harbor and set up his own little pub there.  It was not entirely uncommon for friends and family from Scotland to visit, as well as the few who made it out of Cuba. Every few years, one in particular liked to visit and kept a weather eye on young Maggie. When he was there to meet her after her... unique reaction to finding a body washed ashore, she realized why.  He taught her to drink from the eye to learn about the death and gave her the download on the rest of what it mean to be on the wing part of the time.

That first experience colored what Maggie decided to do with the mundane part of her life. Helping to find answers for families is a nice side dish to keeping an eye on trends in deaths, making sure it's the natural course of things rather than forces at work that most people would rather not think about. The answers bit also provides a good response to why she chose to go into that field rather than a more traditional medical specialty. Despite the distance from home, or perhaps at least partially because of it, Maggie jumped at the internship opening at the Cumberland County coroner's office.