Link to ROTN Discord
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For the ones who need it, so I can direct to an easier URL, the link to the Discord server for the 7 Days to Die server I play on is

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(This will be just a bit of creative writing with no particular goal or plot or anything in mind.)

Blue-grey shadows stretch arms across an open, meandering line that might be a path in more hospitable weather. More shadows lay in pools near humps that presumably hid bushes or rocks. An indistinct figure wrapped [...]

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I'm not sure what to feel, or if I really feel much of anything at all. John (the HusBrat) got a call from his sister last week that his mother had died. It wasn't precisely sudden. She'd been on oxygen for years because she was a chronic smoker most of her life, and she'd [...]

State of the Kes
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It's not too bad at the moment. I get little bits of indications that a depressive episode might be coming, but for the most part, I can get past them. Raven is a huge help in that department. The day I don't feel like cuddling her or am not at least a little excited [...]

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A lovely thing: my crack is back. HEB's Creamy Creations Candy Cane ice cream. Peppermint ice cream with little candy cane pieces mixed in. If I'm not careful, I can eat an entire half-gallon in one sitting without even blinking. It's just so very good.I'm a bit more restless than usual lately. I'm not [...]

To begin with…
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I'm still futzing around with things, hopefully getting my act together.