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    I’m working on my third straight week of meeting nearly all my goals. So far, I’ve missed a few hours here and there of getting the 250 recommended steps (to keep from being too sedentary), my 3.5-mile distance goal once (by .23 miles!), and my 30-minute daily active minutes goal once by 5 minutes, and another time by 1 minute. Though I’ve averaged out above 30 minutes a day because I’ll often get more (up to 54, woo!)

    I didn’t lose any weight this month (so far), but I am feeling better, and my resting heart rate is starting to go back down from creeping up over the winter.

    I’ve also gotten back into tracking our finances more closely. I’d kind of let that slide a wee titch, and it turned around and bit us in the ass pretty hard a time or two. But we’re back on track there, too.

    I’m hoping with fingers crossed that The HusBrat will be working remotely soonish, though he apparently got news today (er, Monday) that puts off the time when he’ll be doing that indefinitely. He’s decidedly not happy about that, and I certainly can’t blame him.

    The biggest thing right now is to maintain consistency. Keep putting one foot in front of the other (literally!) and take what comes next as it comes.

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