A lovely thing: my crack is back. HEB's Creamy Creations Candy Cane ice cream. Peppermint ice cream with little candy cane pieces mixed in. If I'm not careful, I can eat an entire half-gallon in one sitting without even blinking. It's just so very good.

I'm a bit more restless than usual lately. I'm not sure what's driving it. I get "meh" over games easier, books don't hold my attention quite as long. Basically, the hyperfocus I rely on to keep myself entertained is kind of failing me, so I'm bouncing around a bit and it's driving up anxiety making me wonder if a depressive episode is around the corner, which drives anxiety up even more. Yay for sucky self-feeding cycles.

BUT! I've found communities I can talk in. I love Discord for this. It's the community builder Facebook and Twitter and the little pop-up social media sites want to be. Like any place, it can be a little self-reinforcing as you gravitate toward communities with your own mindset, but there are still opportunities to grow and learn.

Raven is and always will be a perfect joy. She will get my ass moving even when I absolutely do not feel like it and is the snuggliest cuddle partner anyone could ask for (and my second! because I have another bestest cuddle partner in HusBrat).

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