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    So, I’m 42 Now…

    So, I’m back on the wagon a little more firmly now. In the last couple of weeks since I posted, I’ve gotten at least 30 active minutes per day except for a 3 day stint surrounding my birthday (the 19th). Today, I took Ronin for a walk and tuckered him out. We’ll walk the tubby off of both of us! That helped me blow all of my goals (7,500 steps, 10 floors, 3.5 miles, 2,500 calories, 30 minutes) out of the water for today. I feel pretty awesome. I’m also back down to the weight I was in October. Here’s to keeping the trend going down!

    Ronin’s zonked after our walk!





    Also, I’ve been better at being involved with my Lions club. Since I keep up the website, I was tapped to make a page for our first golf ball drop. For info, click here. I also made a flyer to hang up around the area. It’s going to sort of be the kick-off for our District Convention. We sincerely hope it becomes an annual thing.

    As for the title, yes, I turned 42 on the 19th. One of the first things I said after the clock clicked over midnight was “So this is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? I am disappoint.” Cheese, I crack myself up. 😂

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