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    I am incredibly privileged in several respects, but most so in that I don’t have to have a job to keep a (pretty nice) roof over our heads.

    This is fortunate for several reasons, not the least of which is because I am a fat woman. My BMI, for those who still put faith in a measurement so increasingly seen as outdated and unhelpful, is 40. My body fat percentage, as measured by a smart scale (Fitbit Aria), is 46.0% as of Sunday. This means that if I interviewed for jobs, my admitted lack of qualifications would be secondary to my appearance. Fortunately, I’m a white woman, so I have a chance, however small, of being hired.

    But I would likely still face what Sarah Hollowell did, to some degree. I’m very glad Roxane Gay stood up for her. This thread, and especially some of the replies, are both sad and enraging.

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